Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire

Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire

Here at TimClad York Timber, we work to provide you with your dream timber building, whether that be a summerhouse, garden shed, timber workshop and so much more. Call us today! Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire

Corner Summerhouses Sheffield YorkshireSummerhouses made from garden houses are the perfect little getaway. These tiny homes are perfect for spending a summer in the sun and having all of your own personal space to relax, enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family as well as pets. Getting away but still being close by to tend to pets and take care of the responsibilities that are important. Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire can be set up in a manner that meets and exceeds your expectations. Each of our summerhouses is built custom to our client’s specifications. Perhaps you need to have a small desk in the summer home for working purposes or maybe better lighting for your internet chats. Our summerhouses come set up in a manner that will allow you to enjoy the space and make use of your time.

Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire

These are the perfect escape for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They give you a chance to get lost in nature and enjoy everything that summer has to offer. We offer Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire that are built to last and are top quality. We believe that your summer home should be something special that you can enjoy for years to come. Our structures come equipped with lighting and outlets for you to enjoy. Corner summer homes are perfect for entertaining guests or retreating away to get some relaxation.

There are many featured offered for our summer homes such as porches, double-hung doors, and bars. You can make the summer home into just about anything you would like. We work with our clients to come up with the perfect custom design that will meet and exceed their expectations. All of our summer homes are made with care using only the very best materials. A corner summer home can be an amazing conversation piece as well.

Wooden Garden Shed

Wooden Garden Shed can be quaint yet perfect for that summer home you have always wanted. The wooden garden shed is the perfect addition to any home. Traditionally wooden sheds were used for storing plants, tools, and small items. With the popularity of these sheds, they have evolved into much more than storage containers. They can now be used as a place to relax in the fresh air or give your home that feels of country living without actually having to live on a farm. It is a place that you can create to entertain guests or simply enjoy a little relaxation.

A wooden garden shed has come leaps and bounds from the garden sheds of the past. They were once used to store gardening tools but now are a great way to enjoy a space away from the house. Many Corner Summerhouses Sheffield Yorkshire people are moving to work from home, and a wooden garden shed allows just that. You can create a separate office space that is away from the main home. This allows for uninterrupted internet meetings and calls. You can create a branded background and space that will meet your expectations. Call today and let us create the space of your dreams.