Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire

Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire

Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire Here at TimClad York Timber, we work to provide you with your dream timber building, whether that be a summerhouse, garden shed, timber workshop and so much more. Call us today! Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire.

Having Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire is an excellent idea to improve your outdoors, expand your home living space and make your home valuable.

They are now more than just additional spaces, they are used as playrooms, garden offices and pubs. For beginners who want to get one, there are some concerns which they need to sort out before embarking on the construction. 

This article aims to give a detailed checklist about the steps you will take when constructing them.

Choosing a suitable place for yours

When preparing to get your garden building, your first concern should be where can you place the building in your home. As a beginner, it is recommended you select a clear space which will be big enough to provide access to movements in your house. 

You will need to clear every debris, foliage and dents in your area, so that you can have more free space. If you can’t do it alone, get help from friends or families. 

When choosing a space to place your garden building, ask yourself these questions? 

  • Is the surface stable and flat enough for the structure? 
  • Is the ground dry enough to hold firm the building?
  •  Is there enough space to gain access into the building? 

If your response is Yes to the above questions, then you can install your garden building. 

What materials and  tools are required to construct a garden building?

 When trying to construct a garden building, having quality tools and materials is vital to have a strong and beautiful garden building. 

There are some standard tools which you should have ready when installing a garden building in your home: 

  • Drill
  •  screwdriver
  • Tape measure sealant
  • hammer
  • ladder
  • mallet
  • clamp
  • Brook
  • paintbrush
  • Brush
  • Adhesives
  •  screws and bolts
  • pins
  • washers
  • packers

Step-by-step guide to Installing  Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire for beginners

Now after you have gotten a space for your garden building and have the necessary tools, here are the processes of constructing one: 

Installing the floor

 Before starting, make sure your base is neat and clear of debris. Check that all the floor panels are positioned where the labels stated. Slot the floor via the ‘tongue and groove’ procedure. Check that the floorboards are diagonally positioned before moving to the walls.

 Installing the Walls

As with the floorboards, all wall panels are labeled according to how they should be positioned. Start with the back corner and move them smoothly into their designed area. 

This step requires more than one person, so it is better to have someone around to help you. Put the wall panels slightly over the floor and create some space.

Use some screws and bolts to secure the panels close to one another, but avoid fixing the screws too tightly, so that you can reposition the panels if there are any problems later. 

Installing the Roof

Check that the roofs are labeled accordingly and position them carefully. Interlock the roofs to ensure that the overhang is even. Ensure the roof is offset right to all the panels. 

When screwing the roof, ensure you drill straight into the roof joist. Fix the bug Fascia boards to the Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire roof using the right pins. 

Installing Doors and windows

After installing the roof you will need to fit the doors and windows to the 75mm garden building frame. You can de-glazed them on site and install them via the frames. 

Consider fitted trims and silicon for a clean finish on the doors. Make sure windows used have a trickle vent and rain drip cowl covered with a capillary system. This is to direct water away from the structure to the external sill. 

Is getting a Planning Permission needed when installing them? 

Usually, planning permits aren’t required to install a garden building in as much as the building is within the stipulated guidelines for structure development. Most US and European countries allow them in all homes except on heritage sites and National parks. 

To be sure you aren’t breaking any law, contact your planning commission for necessary details. 


This post has covered the basics for beginners who need an ultimate Garden Buildings Wakefield Yorkshire checklist. The information listed will guide you when installing your garden building from scratch.

It is important to get a good area to install the garden room, follow the steps to construct it and check with your local planning commission before erecting a garden building of your choice.